Arduino Workshop

The first BreadboArduino is ready, tested and beautiful!
During the Arduino workshop the participants will receive one Arduino clone built up on a standard 400-point prototyping breadboard. The first steps with the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) will be taught. The classic Blink program will be the first software to run on the BreadboArduino. Later, more interesting programs such as a Light-Theremin or a secret knock detector are on the menu. Come and join the fun! Participation is free – both free as in beer and free as in freedom! At the end of the workshop you will be able to purchase the BreadboArduino for the mere cost of its components.

2 thoughts on “Arduino Workshop”

  1. Παρακαλώ γίνεται να μας δώσετε περισσότερες πληροφορίες σχετικά με το εργαστήριο, πως που πότε γίνεται κλπ?

  2. Hi Giorgos! I am happy to see you interested in the Arduino workshop!

    At the workshop we will start with a very quick introduction on what the Arduino really is (MCU, open hardware, free/open-source software) and how to install the software on the laptops of the participants. Then I will show how to upload a simple program onto the memory of the ATmega, which blinks a lamp on the Arduino.

    After a short break we will continue the workshop with more interesting programs and electronic setups, which will make the Arduino react to the environment, play music, or even understand a secret code.

    Hope to see you at the workshop on Saturday 20th at 11:00am. After the workshop I will also upload the slides to this blog. The slides are in English, the workshop will be in Greek.

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