We are going to Athens Biennale to talk about the Internet

Athens BiennaleAt a time when the financial crisis in Greece and elsewhere is reaching a highpoint, the 4th Athens Biennale (AB4) cannot but respond to this bleak situation through a pertinent question: Now what?
Using the empty building of the former Athens Stock Exchange as its main venue, AB4 proposes AGORA not only as a place of exchange and interaction, but also as an ideal setting for critique.”
– http://athensbiennale.org/en/agora_en/ In this Agora we will take part and contribute to the debate that will take place on Sunday 17/11 at 6pm about the Internet. We will make a brief presentation in young and very interesting audience about the festival and our ideas. Other groups will present their work as well and an open discussion will follow, trying to answer the question posed by this year’s bienniale which is “and now what?”.   Participants:

•	Fab lab:

•	P2P LAB:

•	Commons Fest: 


•	Creative Common Greece:

•	The omikron project:

•	Labs.opengov: