Creating common goods for events

Commons Festival_Προφεστιβαλικές Εκδηλώσεις_Γρανάζι The organizing team of CommonsFest, which will take place for the second time at Heraklion, Crete at the 9,10 & 11th of May, within the sections of
1. creating common goods and 2. managing common goods, is making a call on teams who organize other festivals and events to a meeting to discuss the possibility of creating a commons equipment and the creation of commons based structures for providing services to meet the needs for doing events and festivals. The proposal concerns the recording of equipment from various groups and those who want to manage it jointly with others and the purchase of new materials for the same purpose. Essentially we would like to reduce the time and effort required for searching for equipment during the organization of festivals and and the ability to have the materials needed so we can make better events.
Some of the categories of equipment:
1. kitchen – bar ( cookware , dishes , glasses , kitchen , refrigerators , freezers , etc. )
2. tables chairs benches gazebos, dashboard
3. Electrical equipment ( lights , multiple sockets , etc. )
4. Electronics ( microphones , speakers , projectors , screens etc. )

service categories
1. communication structure
2 . record structure (video , photo )
3. finance structure (crowdfunding, kitchen aid , public fund )
4. structure of promotion and advertising
5. structure for hosting visitors
6. structure for transport movements .

Those groups, and individuals interested in taking on this effort can come to a first meeting on Saturday February 1 in multiplex “Gear” Bikelas 35 ( then 1821 ) Heraklion .