Creating common equipment and services for events – The proposal

Proceedings of the first meeting for the creation of common equipment and  services for events.

Saturday, February 1, 2014 at the Granazi place Heraklion, Crete

En oiko
Mesogeios ( art space )
– Underground Union Crew
Collaborative cafe Ortakia

There was an initial discussion on the concept described in detail below :

Meeting at Granazi

The idea

Establish a database that contains publicly available equipment to enable a team to organize a festival or event .

Addressed to

Groups and individuals interested in organizing events according to the following framework :

  • promote open access to knowledge and the commons.
  • there is free access to the event not necessarily free (at no cost) but offering alternative means such as money or exchanges of goods or labor exchange.
  • open data on the costs and revenues of the event .

Management team

The groups and individuals interested in starting the project should be part of the management team .
This group will be open to new participants, will decide which events should have access to the equipment in accordance with the specified context.
They will also endeavor to procure equipment that does not exist and maintain a common fund for the purpose or means of getting new equipment.

Collection of equipment

Each group which is interested to allow access to common equipment should disclose exactly what equipment it offers and classify its accessibility.
Equipment classification :
1.  automatically available. (Common)
2 . available under conditions which are notified in advance.
3 . equipment collected or purchased by the common fund are automatically accessible.

Management of equipment

Each team manages a category of equipment and is responsible for the safekeeping and to ensure the delivery and receipt thereof to the users.

Teams providing services

We are calling for the establishment of teams that will offer services to the events.
Find people interested in volunteering (we will be researching for a alternative model of payment) their work in the following areas

  • documentation (video , photography , article writing for events )
  • promotion
  • communication
  • financing
  • hosting visitors
  • transportation
  • translations,  interpreters

We decided to publicize the above and make a new call to continue the progress in achieving these goals.