Planting common seeds with Peliti.

On Saturday 15th of February the event for creating the seedbed for summer plants took place at Pyrgos village. The event was organised by the local team of Peliti at Heraklion and the Municipality of Archanes-Asteriousion as part of preparations for the Festival of Seeds that will be on the 5th and 6th of April.


With the participation of people from all the ages we created the seedbeds with local variates of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and basil with the goal of having 3.000 small plants that will be given away together with local seeds during the Festival of Seeds.

The event was part of the pre-festival activities of CommonsFest that will take place for the 2nd year in Heraklion from 9th till 11th of May.

The Local team of Peliti Heraklion is based at Pyrgos Monofatsiou and works with volunteers. There have been 3 years of cooperation with the local municipality of Archanon-Asterousion for the collection, saving and proliferation of local variety of seeds. For this the municipality has given a field to Peliti where the plants are being produced. The seeds are given away for free at annual events.

For the summer plant seedbed we will built this year a small space for the development of seedlings using plastic bottles. So reusing and recycling materials that pollute the environment.

Also this year we will start the construction of a small warehouse in the field with the use of natural building materials (straw , earth , stone , etc. ) with the support of the Archanes Project team.

We invite all farmers that got seeds from previous festivals and have them reproduced so they can make them available to the coming festival and those interested in participating in these activities can contact Peliti Heraklion for further information.