Open call: “Developing cooperation structures for the commons”

The Festival of the Commons (a.k.a. CommonsFest) will be present in Heraklion on April 17-18 as a “pre-festival event” of the main Festival, which for the first time will travel outside the island of Crete in order to be held in Athens on May 15-17.

It is our great pleasure to have guests from two projects with international experience, who will share their experiences and present their work on the subject of networking and development of common structures of collaboration.

Our first group of guests comes from FLOK Society Project, a research-activist project which developed a set of public policy proposals for the transformation of Ecuador into a social economy based on the principles of the Commons, peer production and free access to knowledge.

The second group, which comes from Spain, represents CIC (Cooperativa Integral Catalana), a confederation of collaborative projects and self-managed collectives oriented toward the development of community-managed infrastructures in the region of Catalonia.

The event will feature thematic tables with the aim of discussing the networking of commons-oriented projects through the creation of common infrastructures. The call for participation in the tables is open, but only those who have registered as participants will be able to join the table discussions, which will not be open to the public.

For the effective preparation of the thematic tables, we will follow the below process:

1. Expression of interest to participate via the following form:

2. Submission of proposals for the creation of common (infra)structures which will cater for the needs of the participating groups/projects.

In order to facilitate the submission of your proposals and prepare for the discussions, we have created the following pads where you can post your proposals or any questions and comments you would like to add:

  1. Common financing (infra)structure
  2. Common communication (infra)structure
  3. Common technical support (infra)structure
  4. Support (infra)structure for setting up new projects and actions
  5. Creation of a common repository of machinery and equipment
  6. Legal support (infra)structure for issues of licensing and intellectual property
  7. Networks for the exchange of goods and services without intermediaries
  8. Common solidarity and social movement (infra)structures

The proposals will be communicated to those who have registered as participants in the event and to our guests (from CIC and FLOK Society Project), who will have an advisory role in the process.

In order to effectively prepare for the discussions, anyone will be able to comment, to ask for clarifications or add ideas on the submitted proposals. Our goal is that those tables serve as the starting point for the implementation of common (infra)structures through actions that will follow up after the event. Also, the results of the table discussions will be communicated to the community of the Commons in order to explore synergies with similar projects.

For any questions you have about the above process, please send us email at