Ludobox workshop



Like book and music, board game has entered the era of reproducibility and distributed network. Here and there, game designers, publishers, collective release their 3D checkers on-line or an entire game in print-and-play under Creative Commons licenses. If we can think, that these new formats will one day have their place in toy libraries, how that turns the toy librarian profession and more broadly practice of playing and players ?

Dcalk started to develop the idea of a Ludobox or Digital Toy Library, following the inspiring Piratebox and Librarybox initiatives that facilitates acces & sharing of free digital content through an offline network. And so does the Ludobox : it gathers free-licensed board games, cards games, urban games, role playing games, toys, video games as well as topical resources (publications, manuals, medias).

During CommonsFest, Dcalk propose a workshop to build up together with the participants a Ludobox that will stay in Athens containing Print’n Play games in english & greek as well as resources related to Commons & CommonsFest issues.

In this workshop, participants will learn about/how-to :

History & issue of offline networks

Build your own LudoBox

Custom your LudoBox

Find and host free-licenced games

Maintenance, use and practice of mediation for your box

We will be working on one Ludobox but if participants want to build up their own, they are more than welcome ! We just invite to order your own material before : a wifi routeur & usb key are required (max total cost : 45 euros, counts 3 days for delivering) among this list :

For me info/questions, please contact Catherine Lenoble & Julien Maudet : info at dcalk dot org.