PublicSpace.Tools is about citizen empowerment for critical, creative, or unconventional uses of public space. PublicSpace.Tools, currently in beta version, is an online, multilingual platform for Europe and beyond. It consists of two elements:

1) an interactive free softwareplatform that includes: a repository of legal regulations that apply in different cities, tagged and categorised to allow cross-comparison; an illustrated database of good practices, strategies, and know-how recipes; a reporting module, and a discussion area;

2) a mobile app linked to a geolocalisation interface that allows users to upload content in real time. The aims of the workshop are: —To contextualise the platform within the concept of the right to the city, in relation to specific public space-related issues in different European cities today, and to other collaborative digital platforms. —To focus on the legal conditions that apply to public space, and how to deal with them. —To provide participants with the basic technical and conceptual know-how that will allow them to appropriate the tool and use it for their own purposes. As this is a user-centred project in beta stage, participants will be contributing to testing the tool, helping to shape its functionalities, and adding content related to their specific context and interests that will then be available to everybody. Participants are recommended to bring their own laptops

Organiser: David Juarez, Straddle3
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