Researchers AND Grassroots Movements: LET’S GET INTERACTIVE & COOPERATE !!!

We are researchers from different countries who are interested in grassroots movements, solidarity/alternative economy and commoning as an alternative to the mainstream neoliberal model in Southern Europe (Greece, Portugal, Spain).
We want to connect, build a network, combine theory with practice, support solidarity projects & share information. We are aiming to meet a need of grassroots movements for new narratives about their practices.

Who is organizing? Members of SEMS Network (Southern European Mutual Support Research Network)
Who can take part? Preferably members of grassroots movements & activists, other researchers

We would like to address following questions to members of grassroots movements:
How can researchers support solidarity projects/commons/etc.?
What do grassroots initiatives expect from researchers?
How to exchange, disseminate and preserve knowledge as a commons?
How can we combine theory with practice? Could this combination be regarded as a new common?

Organiser: Inés Morales Forest Engineer, Spain), Maria Papapavlou (Anthropologist/Ethnomusicologist, Greece), Manuela Banoža (Social Anthropologist, Austria), Georg Rosenitsch (Social Anthropologist, Austria)
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