Wind Empowerment

The Nea Guinea NPO is a member of the international network Wind Empowerment which promotes locally manufactured open source hardware small wind turbines for rural electrification. In November 2014, Nea Guinea in collaboration with the Rural Electrification Research Group (RurERG) of the National Technical university of Athens (NTUA), co-organized the 2nd biannual meeting of the Wind Empowerment network in Athens. The Wind Empowerment network consists of more than 40 organizations from more than 20 different countries, spanning on most of the continents. These organizations are active in different sectors of small wind turbine technological applications, like education and technology transfer, manufacturing of products and provision of renewable energy services, technology research and development, and are always cooperating in a peer to peer network of users/designers of locally manufactured small wind turbines. The first international project of Wind Empowerment will be presented, where a small wind turbine was constructed locally in Ethiopia with the students of a rural technical college with the assistance of three Wind Empowerment organizations, namely Nea Guinea, V3 Power and RurERG. The wind turbine was installed in a small community to cover the basic electricity needs of the village, such as lighting and refrigeration. The goal of this presentation is to highlight the activity and structure of the Wind Empowerment network as a contemporary example of a peer to peer process which develops the energy and knowledge commons.