Next steps after the 3rd CommonsFest

1) Management of the assets of the CommonsFest (~20 minutes)
1a- Brainstorm on what we have. (site, video, contacts…)
1b-> Write down tasks on what we have to do about them.

2) Experiences and Impressions from past CommonsFest (~30 minutes)
2a- Brainstorm on our impressions. (from best to worst)
2b-> Write tasks. (How can we keep the best and improve the worst?)

3) Goals of the CommonsFest (~20 minutes)
3a- Brainstorm on what each individually has as goal for the CF.
3b-> See which goals are common goals that everyone agrees to.

4) Ideas for the future of the CommonsFest. (~20 minutes)
4a- Free propositions and ideas for the future of the CF.
(~2 minutes each idea: Present an idea to discuss later online.)