Commons Fest Communities

Are you a commons community? We need you!

Commonsfest is first and most a festival of the communities that create, manage, maintain and support the commons.

In this year’s 3rd Commons Fest that will take place in Athens, Greece during 15-17 May 2015 we meet, discuss, exchange experiences, present our work, network with each other and work together towards empowering the Commons perspective as a new (-old) paradigm of human activity organization.

A successful festival organization is based on the contribution of all of us. We call you to actively participate in the festival organization choosing one or more of the following roles:

  • Participate in the organizing committee
  • Organize a presentation, workshop or other way of active participation in the festival
  • Financially support the festival
  • Offer to work as a volunteer during the festival
  • Accommodate international guests of the festival
  • Offer to work as a volunteer after the festival

If you want to participate, please fill in the online community participation form.