Commons Everywhere – Video of Talks 2014

In the spirit of openess, and completing the documentation of CommonsFest 2014 we are publishing the recorded talks.

Thanks to the work of many friends we have edited all videos and some have already been subtitled to Greek and English.

Open data and open knowledge – Vasilis Chrysos & Charalambos Bratsas

Current system and proposal for an alternative model based on common resources – Diomedes Skalistis

Community health care, by citizens for citizens – Social Solidarity Network of Heraklion

labaki hackerspace: an open community for unusual innovation, learning and sharing

Creative Commons Licences in Practice: Cases of CC Use and Lessons from the field – Prodromos Tsiavos & Maria Mertzani

From the bottom of the sea to the edge of the sky: school projects based on open hardware and free knowledge

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) – Harris Papayannakis

What digital freedoms we want? Grassroots policies for the intellectual Commons in Greece in crisis – Antonis Broumas

Home economics: a few words about the forgotten knowledge of sufficiency – Kallia Spyridaki

Outlining degrowth concepts and their links to the Commons – Alekos Pantazis

Accomplishing art projects through crowdfunding – Giannis Farsaris

Building a society of Commons – George Dafermos

We are making a call within the community of commoners to translate the following videos in English and even more languages in order these to become accessible to even more people.

Work with nature , not against it – Maniadakis Michael


Self-managed spaces, forms, necessity and operation modes – to Granazi

Privacy and security in our mobile phone – Nikos Roussos

From open source to open content – Prodromos Tsiavos

The experiment of #rbnews: exploring the citizen journalism – Katerina Stavroula

Outlining degrowth concepts and their links to the Commons – Alekos Pantazis

Towards an open festival – en oiko

Natural building: regaining the lost knowledge –

Manolis Ksimeris & George Ritsakis

Wireless community networks Modern infrastructure by citizens for citizens – Vasilis Chrysos

Off-grid electricity production from open source renewable energy sources & Peer-to-peer electricity production and management for energy efficiency and self-reliance –

Costas Latoufis & Iason Kouveliotis-Lysikatos

Peer-to-Peer desktop production: Opportunities and challenges – Vasilis Niaros

We are glad to announce that in 2015 CommonsFest will run events both in Athens and in Heraklion. Anyone interested in contributing to the organizing of the next Festival and participate in practice in the commoners’ community, may contact us here.

In the meantime, you can read our 2014 report here and our financial report here.

We also started a wiki here in order to record our experience from organizing CommonsFest, so that we share all the information with people who plan to organize similar events, after all we believe that together we can make something even better.

For us that we organized CommonsFest 2014 it was a year with a lot of work and full of beautiful experiences from the community of Commons. We thank all those who participated, helped and continue to help across the globe for saving, developing and managing Commons.

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