Here you can find promotional material for the festival.

All source files are available to anyone willing to “copy” the festival 🙂 Almost all material is in greek, as the festival takes place in Heraklion, Greece, but if you need any help translating, just ask! All material in this page, as in the whole website, is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 GR.

  • Logo: CF-logoFull
  • Poster:

    made by Indyvisuals
    made by Indyvisuals
  • Banner: BannerSmall
  • Radio spot:
  • Stickers:
    Sticker_cloud Sticker_CF_indy
  • Leaflet (pdf)
  • Poster with the 4 Freedoms of free software (xcf)4Freedoms
  • Poster with alternative FOSS (xcf)FOSS-proprietary2
  • Poster for Arduino (xcf)ArduinoPoster
  • Poster for Raspberry Pi (xcf)RaspiPoster
  • Poster for HWMN (xcf)HwmnPoster
  • Poster for multitouch table (xcf)MTPoster
  • Poster for Open Source Ecologyose-gr
  • Greek translation of the SourceNinja Infografic on the History of open source software (xcf)Greek-HistoryofOpenSourceSoftware-SourceNinja

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