«History of Free Software/ Open Source Software» – George Kiagiadakis (pdf – 0.1MB)

«Collaboration – past – present and future» – Antonis Triantafyllakis (coming soon)

«Arduino Workshop» – Konstantinos Paliouras & Jann Eike Kruse (coming soon)

«the ecosystem of common goods.  Attempt – Participate – Live» – Alexandros Nousias (coming soon)

«Beyond Open Source – Open technology in education and research process» – Thodoros Karounos (pdf – 0.1MB)

«Open Source Ecology – starting a new civilization» – Dimitris Koukoulakis (pdf – 1.1MB)

«Transitioning to post-scarcity culture through open design and developed automation» – Kostas Malakasis (pdf – 1.4MB)

«WeMakeIt Workshop» – Redon Skikuli & Luca Pescatore (coming soon)

«Wikipedia – The collaborative model on the internet» – Giannis Giannarakis (pdf – 3.2MB)

«Patents – Myth and reality» – George Dafermos (pdf – 0.9MB)

«Open Library OPENBOOK – Literature digital – open – collaborative» – Giannis Farsaris & Nikolas Smirnakis (pdf – 1.2MB)

«The emergence of peer movement» – Vasilis Kostakis (view here)

«Four scenarios for the future of political economy based on the commons» – Michel Bauwens (view here, read more here)

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