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Event with Brazilian philosopher Euclides André Mance

Event with Brazilian philosopher and popular educator Euclides André Mance, Friday 12 June, 19.00 p.m at the Greek Archeologists Union.

“If for many it is only a utopia, an ever-receding horizon of hope, for millions of others solidarity economy is a way of working, producing, commercialising, consuming and exchanging values. It is a way of satisfying individual and personal needs in the interest of the welfare of all. It is the material base of the network revolution.” E.M

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Interview with George Dafermos of FLOK Society Project

As in the previous two years, George Dafermos will join us at the pre-festival event of CommonsFest 2015 in Heraklion on April 17-18.

In connection with his presentation on Friday, where he is going to talk about the FLOK Society Project and the methodology of developing public policy proposals from the bottom up, we are re-publishing the interview he gave us last year about FLOK.
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Perception And Sensibility Of training Programs

Perception And Sensibility Of training Programs

World-wide-web instruction has led to main breakthrough into your academic industry.With many persons getting the use of the online world at the moment are quite happy with this facility and you will find growing selection persons looking with the selections that happen to be out there while in the sort of On the internet Education.You will discover numerous additionally details which can be explored within the area of online education and learning. One particular is you can be away from the scenarios which have been unquestionably like “out of your box” mastering and application with the education. This in fact gives a lot more scope for that innovation and creativeness to become portion of our day by day daily life. Many people are welcoming this unique method of the education and learning that takes away from the traditional mould and infuses using the astounding options while in the serious earth. In this way we’re not certain to preconceived notions or obsolete strategies but are indeed generating the entire world that is congruent with our desires! You will find a number of programs and degrees which can be supplied from your online medium.The number of sources opens a wide door for your options to come in the lifestyle of scholars as well as people that choose to carry on their studies. You can find several industry experts and working course people who want to improve their studies because they need to find distinctive horizons opening and widening before them as a result of these on line academic programs. This really tends to make you move away from the normal and embrace the novelty that may be promise in this new approach to training. In case you are amid people who are in search of some affordable and easy method of studying then definitely these medium is for your consolation. This all seem to be rather a lovely in addition to very welcoming circumstance, in comparison with the classroom classes. Then the pliability of understanding is definitely the big variable that numerous individuals these days are turning toward these courses other than class place can be true a reduction to lots of when it occur to completing assignments as there exists wide range of openness and suppleness that can be sought in selecting the online discovering option. Hence, for anyone who is a type of who will be all established to improve your experienced classes then surely on the internet education and learning are there that can assist you a great deal. in the same way for many who are taking a while off their work, like having breaks or raising youngsters can think of these goldmine of up gradation that following time you move to you operate location you are going to be all armed together with the necessary qualification and there will be totally no position for almost any dearth of preparedness with your element.So if you are looking for tactics through which you could include excellent pints in your resume then it is prompt that you look for these on the web programs that can make yum or prepared and strong to be able to deal with the intensifying competitors. It is time to finally bit farewell to your lecture rooms and there you go the many method to the brilliant occupation you should have without any second guessing!

Co-operative economy & the Commons

John Restakis, coordinator of FLOK Society‘s research stream on the social-solidarity economy and institutional innovation, will be with us at the pre-festival event of CommonsFest 2015, which will be held in Heraklion on April 17-18. John will give a talk on Friday about the “Co-operative economy and the Commons“. Here’s the abstract that John sent us:
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