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Thank you!

Commonsfest-ArduinoMany thanks to participants, volunteers, supporters and everyone who honored us with your presence on festival events.

And an apology for our failure to satisfy the willingness of other people to help.
We feel extremely fortunate to have implemented the idea of this festival because we got a lot more than what we had imagined, but also because we have gained enough experience in order to organize the next one better.
As the next day arrives we find that the world of the commons is so rich in ideas, practices and emotions that once you know these it’s hard to live away from them.

The only thing closed with this festival of open procedures, is our appointment with you for the next festival.

The wonderful material will soon be uploaded on our website, in order for anyone to be able to watch it and use it freely, perhaps in organizing another Commonsfest!

Commonsfest exhibition

3D printer at commonsfestThe exhibition is open at the Androgeo building in the centre of Heraklion.

The exhibition hosts a 3D printer, a multitouch table, informative material and talks on monitors that have to do with free/open source software and hardware, p2p movement and the Creative Commons licenses.

At the Center for Free and Open Software of Heraklion, which is a PC lab located in the same place, you can use the computers and try several different free and open source operating systems and software.

come to play and get informed for the projects and the events of local groups and not only…

3 days of festival…

Natural Building at CommonsfestSuccess and a big turn out for the natural farming workshop by Zizania within the weekend, while yesterday the natural building workshops began at Archanes. The natural building workshops continue everyday till Friday at Archanes.

The Ortakia collaborative cafe was full yesterday with people that watched The Pirate Bay – Away From Keyboard and the Blender Open Project shorts.

Thank you all for your support and participation!

We continue today with workshops at Koukoutsi, natural building and the exhibition at Androgeo. See the full schedule here.