Who we are

The CommonsFest, inspired by the ideas of open source, peer-to-peer and their social aspects, could not have a central management… We are a small number of people from different groups, with common interests and vision based on the above ideas.

We are (in alphabetical order):

  • Eftichis Savvas – Physicist,
  • Kainourgiakis George (Teacher, ubuntu.gr),
  • Kiagiadakis George (Software engineer, tolabaki.gr),
  • Koukoulakis Dimitris  (Software engineer, tzm),
  • Jann Kruse (Physicist, FSFE),
  • Mpritzolakis Manolis (Ortakia collaborative café)
  • Triantafyllakis Antonis (Web/Graphic Designer, artivist)



You can contact us here!

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Building Common Values