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Interview with Massimo De Angelis

Massimo De Angelis (Italy) is Professor of Political Economy at the University of East London. He is author, most recently, of The Beginning of History: Value Struggles and Global Capital, and editor of The Commoner web journal, at http://commoner.org.uk.

CF – Throughout its evolution capital has developed elaborate processes of circulating / accumulating its social power. What could be the ways for commons’ communities to circulate / accumulate social counter – powers and challenge the domination of capital in the 21st century?

Massimo – This is a key issue, obviously. Capital has three key interrelated means to expand or at least maintain its social power: enclosures, the violent or devious expropriation of community resources; accumulation (based on abstract labour and exploitation) and governance, that pertains to the hierarchical managerial function of capital, whether in the sites of production or social production (the state). Correspondingly, the commons have also three main interrelated moments constituting its social power. The communalisation of resources and their turning into common wealth; commoning, or the autonomous social cooperation that strive to horizontality and auto determination of goals; and the collective democratic process of their governance.

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Interview with George Dafermos of FLOK Society Project

As in the previous two years, George Dafermos will join us at the pre-festival event of CommonsFest 2015 in Heraklion on April 17-18.

In connection with his presentation on Friday, where he is going to talk about the FLOK Society Project and the methodology of developing public policy proposals from the bottom up, we are re-publishing the interview he gave us last year about FLOK.
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Co-operative economy & the Commons

John Restakis, coordinator of FLOK Society‘s research stream on the social-solidarity economy and institutional innovation, will be with us at the pre-festival event of CommonsFest 2015, which will be held in Heraklion on April 17-18. John will give a talk on Friday about the “Co-operative economy and the Commons“. Here’s the abstract that John sent us:
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