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Open call for the organization of CommonesFest in Athens

After the open call for the organization of the 3rd CommonsFest at Heraklion, now comes the 1st open call for organizing CommonsFest in Athens in 2015. We wish a good start and we hope CommonsFest to travel in more cities in Greece and the rest of the world.

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Last minute surprises

With great pleasure we announce some last minute surprises of the marvelous world of the Commons.

  • We will be having livestream of all the talks thanks to the Heraklion Wireless Metropolitan Network group, giving you the option to watch the talks live from anywhere in the world.
  • The new ebook “Beyond the state and the market: The peer to peer perspective” Πέρα από το κράτος και την αγορά: Η ομότιμη προοπτική” will be available during the festival from the  Βορειοδυτικές εκδόσεις under Creative Commons license.
  • The  campaign has reached 87%, at the moment of writing this, which means we are very close to make it 100% with your help.
  • the labaki hackerspace will be constructing a 3D printer as part of the exhibition.

A big THANK YOU to all who have helped in any way making the 2nd CommonsFest a reality. Continue reading Last minute surprises

European CC Affiliates at CommonsFest

1492643910_09807045b6_bphoto credit: trekkyandy via photopin cc

One of the great enablers for the global commons movement is the Creative Commons organization with its tools, affiliates and broader community. The Creative Commons licensing approach and its adoption by many opened up a new world for sharing creative works, music, literature, images and even electronic schematics, enabling and empowering more creators and even more users. It is our privilege to be hosts to the European regional group of Creative Commons Affiliates (CC Europe) who will gather for a meeting during CommonsFest. The participants of this meeting are based all over the region, from the Netherlands to Portugal, Turkey and Ukraine.
We hope we can contribute in our way to the great work of this community.