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Creating seedbeds – Saturday 15th Feb.

Annual celebration for seeds at Pyrgos.

It all starts with a seed and some ground, so we invite you on Saturday the 15th of February 2014 from 9:00am at the high school of Pyrgos village to participate in creating seedbeds for the summer plants. The plants will be ready in April and will be shared at another event organized by the Peliti team of Heraklion.

Peliti Heraklion is part of the larger community of Peliti that have the goalof preserving traditional seeds and began in Paranesti Dramas numbering hundreds of members across the country and networking with similar teams around the world.
At the 1st CommonsFest held in Heraklion in April 2013, the team  Peliti had participated with a presentation and exchanging seeds. This year the Festival will travel to Pyrgos to participate in the annual celebration for seeds and talk to the people about the commons and the connection with the activities for the promotion of open models of our dietary needs.
Traditional seeds directly related to the idea of open source, once freely reproduced for hundreds of thousands of years in the large workshop of nature, allowing anyone who wants to cultivate in order to reach food self-sufficiency.
Also the way the Peliti community has been working is a very good example of peer-to-peer collaboration and peer-to-peer management (p2p) with remarkable results.
Both the open model for reproducting the seeds and peer collaboration that promotes the Peliti community are part of our what we present at the CommonsFest and are an approach towards a sustainable management of natural resources. Continue reading Creating seedbeds – Saturday 15th Feb.