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  1. Παρακαλώ γίνεται να μας δώσετε περισσότερες πληροφορίες σχετικά με το εργαστήριο, πως που πότε γίνεται κλπ?

  2. Hi Giorgos! I am happy to see you interested in the Arduino workshop!

    At the workshop we will start with a very quick introduction on what the Arduino really is (MCU, open hardware, free/open-source software) and how to install the software on the laptops of the participants. Then I will show how to upload a simple program onto the memory of the ATmega, which blinks a lamp on the Arduino.

    After a short break we will continue the workshop with more interesting programs and electronic setups, which will make the Arduino react to the environment, play music, or even understand a secret code.

    Hope to see you at the workshop on Saturday 20th at 11:00am. After the workshop I will also upload the slides to this blog. The slides are in English, the workshop will be in Greek.

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